In any area of service, no one person, group or organisation can do it alone.


Over the past year we have developed new and strategic partnerships with persons and organisations for the sole purpose of helping the Deaf attain their fullest potential.

We respect the tremendous work already being done by Deaf and hearing people to promote Deaf rights.

We hope that our particular skills, networks and experiences will be seen as a resource to be added to what is already available in support of the Deaf.

Please contact us to learn more about what is Radio for the Deaf and how you or your agency may benefit from working together with us.


In pursuing the mandate to improve accessibility for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Deaf/HH) to important information, Radio for the Deaf is also partnering with stakeholders to focus on the following key areas:-

1. Making the content of relevant radio programming accessible to the Deaf/HH;

2. Providing a forum whereby the Deaf/HH can express their views on important issues through the medium of radio;

3. Encouraging radio and television broadcasting companies to make their content accessible to the Deaf/HH;

4. Encouraging faith based organisations to make their content accessible to the Deaf/HH;

5. Expanding the available venues for the teaching of sign language;

6. Exploring solutions to the challenges the Deaf/HH experience in accessing medical and mental healthcare; and

7. Facilitating a framework whereby the Deaf/HH can be empowered with key life skills.